Installing CURL on Windows

Installing CURL on Windows

Curl is a very common CLI tool used for transferring data between systems using various protocols. Curl comes out of the box on Linux systems but now on Windows. This blog post will show how to download Curl and configure it to be called natively from CMD and PowerShell.

Download Curl

The first step is to download Curl. For this blog I am using a 64bit machine and the latest Curl release is 7.65.1. Here is the download link. Download and extract the binaries and store them somewhere central and permanent. we will be using this path later.On my machine I have them stored at C:\Software\Curl like so:

Now at this point we can start using Curl to interact with APIs. Open up a terminal of your choice, CD to the directory of the Curl bin and run curl.exe. If you are using PowerShell then be sure to use the full curl.exe filename as curl is an alias for invoke-webrequest in PowerShell

Showing ‘curl.exe –version’ to get the version of Curl
Showing a simple Get request to

Update the PATH

Now, we are in the position where we can use curl as we need but there is an issue as we need to run curl from the bin directory . To resolve this we will put the full path to the Bin folder on the PATH which will allow us to run it from anywhere within our terminals. The simplest way to do this is via code to update our registry and add the path to Curl as a new item.

The below code can be sued to add this. As we are modifying the registry, you will need to run this as an administrator

Now the Registry has been updated we can run Curl natively from our terminals.

Showing Curl running from a system32 command prompt
Showing curl running from a system32 PowerShell terminal

In PowerShell you will have to use curl.exe as curl is an alias for invoke-webrequest.

Hopefully this blog post was helpful. Happy curling folks!

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